Overhead Distribution Rollers

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  • Tie Top Post Insulator Bracket, Suits Maximum 123mmOD Insulator
  • Part, pin with chain and split ring each end, suit 1A-2A, SPP
  • HV ABC roller, 10kN WLL, A4-5817F, Maclean
  • HV ABC yokebar, suit CSR-HVABC Roller, A4-5816B, Maclean
  • Stringing Roller Universal 1134kg WLL Sherman Reilly Style Key Latch
  • Ball clevis, "U" fitting, galvanized
  • Ball clevis, "Y" fitting, galvanized, bolt 16mm
  • Stringing Roller - Universal Overhead Distribution and ABC conductors - SPP
  • Ratchet Bracket - Pole & Cross-arm - Suits SPP-1A Universal Stringing Roller - SPP
  • Bracket, roller, cross arm mount, suits x-arms 127x152mm, 5X6", Al cast, SPP

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