Need quality cable handling equipment?  Winch Hire?  Overhead or Underground? TEN Hire has you covered!

TEN Group is your partner in delivering a project on time and on budget. TEN Hire has a range of flexible options for utilities and contractors working in Transmission, Distribution, Overhead and Underground.

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  • Leverage our extensive fleet of specialised stringing and cable hauling equipment
  • Rental payments can provide substantial tax advantages
  • Eliminate running costs – service and warehousing
  • Be flexible – scale up, scale down as needed
  • Use the latest technologies
  • Technical Support


  • Short term casual rental
  • Specified Project Rental
  • Long Term Rental


Hydraulic Puller - 35kN CableGlider Cable Puller
Hydraulic Puller - 15kN Stringing Rollers
Hydraulic Puller - 50kN Rolling Earths
Hydraulic Puller-Tensioner - 25kN Reel Winders & Elevators
Hydraulic Puller-Tensioner - 35kN Drum Stands & Jacks
Hydraulic Puller-Tensioner - 45kN Reels & Ropes
Hydraulic Puller-Tensioner - 90kN Dyneema Fibre Braided Rope VIDEO
3T Self Loading Cable Trailer Rope Accessories
6T Self Loading Cable Trailer Underground Rollers
56 Tonne Hydraulic Pole Puller VIDEO Pumps - Electric
Press Heads - 60T & 110T


TEN Group offers Australia’s largest range of specialist stringing equipment and is the exclusive Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands distributor for TESMEC stringing and cable hauling equipment. TESMEC has been manufacturing hydraulic pullers and tensioners since 1960 and their equipment continues to be the global standard with cable hauling machinery.

In 2009 TEN Hire acquired its first delivery of stringing equipment, two twin bullwheel 90kN (2x45kN) hydraulic puller tensioners. Today the fleet consists of a complete range of machinery and accessories for overhead and underground stringing and cable hauling applications including OPGW.

Used across the globe, TESMEC machinery is built to perform in all conditions and all TEN Hire models feature bullwheel grooves made of thermally treated steel. This hard surface produces extremely low friction between the conductor and the bullwheel offering a highly efficient stringing solution to any line stringing project.

TEN Hire’s fleet is constantly evolving to meet our customers needs on large projects that demand reliability of equipment. We have fully trained technicians that travel the nation maintaining our fleet, and training operators who hire or purchase equipment.

Contact TEN Hire more information on our fleet or to learn more about TEN’s offerings including service, repair and refurbishment for all machinery types and operator training for TESMEC machinery.

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