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Cable Rollers & Cable Tray Rollers

TEN Group stock a wide range of quality cable rollers and cable tray rollers. An essential for anyone working in the electricity industry, these rollers are of a professional grade for the perfect finish. They make working on site much easier and assist you for a smooth, hassle-free cable installation procedure. Cables are protected and run seamlessly into place along the roller rather than catching on the ground.

Whatever your needs, TEN Group has a tool for you. Cable rollers for both under and over ground are available, as well as those that help you to navigate tricky corners and curves. All rollers are manufactured to a high standard, no matter their purpose, and will withstand even intense use. Choose between aluminium and nylon rollers depending on your preference, and opt for models with or without legs for better stability.

Rollers are supplied with internal bearings for greater convenience, and corner rollers come with supplies that allow you to peg together different units. This gives you more flexibility and greater reach when installing cables into tight spaces. Replacement rollers can also be easily purchased and attached when their lifecycle finally reaches its end.

TEN Group is committed to providing carefully sourced products at affordable prices. Everything stocked on our website has been double checked for quality; we'd never sell anything that didn't meet our highest standards. Tools come from trusted manufacturers from around the world, giving you the best selection possible. Our cable rollers and cable tray rollers come with our superb customer service, so if you encounter any problems, our team is more than happy to help. Our solid knowledge of the electricity industry means we're more than qualified to answer your questions and guide you through using your new roller.

Procure All the Right Cable Pulling Equipment and Rollers Through TEN Group

Logistics is a challenge that faces any operation, no matter what its size. From transporting staff and materials to the job site to procuring the right equipment for those workers in the first place, there are many layers to logistics. Procurement of suitable, fit for purpose equipment is critical, downtime is costly and the wrong decisions up front can cost you significantly down the value chain when it comes time to install. Given as much as half of all new cable installs are underground in trench or ducts, finding the right supplier who can provide information, expertise and guidance on your next hauling project can help alleviate some of the logistical challenges.

At TEN Group, we supply a comprehensive range of industry-leading products, including versatile cable pulling equipment by Condux, Tesmec and Scott Power Products (SPP). Making the decision to procure quality equipment before the project shifts into a higher gear can make a real difference in the outcome of a job. By choosing items suitable for the job from the outset, there's no need to repeat procurement at a later stage.

A wide variety of quality cable pulling equipment

Every job in the field will require a different type of cable roller. Whether you're pulling cable through a trench or into a duct, the crew will need to employ a variety of different rollers that keeps the cable install on the right track. At the point of feeding the cable off the drum, long 1m trench rollers assist with lowering the hauling tensions and keeping the cables out of the dirt. Whether you are entering a trench or a manhole to install into duct, a manhole roller guide or corner roller can help alleviate the strain coming over a hard edge. For duct installations you will need a combination of bellmouths, split lock roller guides and flexi feeds. When installing in trenches you will need a combination of trench roller which can be provided in aluminium or plastic sheaves, corner rollers in 45 degree or 90 degree corners and even staked trench corner rollers which you can pin in series to create the riding bending radius for your cables.

Whatever combination of rollers or duct accessories you have on your site, its critical they can stand up to the rigours of our harsh Australian environment we work in. Choosing to invest in the right equipment for the task with TEN Group help to avoid costly downtime in the future.

Begin building your order with TEN today

The right types of equipment and combination of different rollers and cable hauling equipment, can provide great capability for your future work. Browse the variety of equipment we have by industry standard brands like SPP, Condux and Tesmec and begin building out your TEN Group order today.

Do you have questions about these products? Would you like to know more about the advantages of working with TEN Group? Please reach out to us today. Click here now for our complete contact details.

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  • Tie Top Post Insulator Bracket, Suits Maximum 123mmOD Insulator
  • Part, pin with chain and split ring each end, suit 1A-2A, SPP
  • Sheave, triple, 2,950kg WLL, adjustable radius, 495mm to 910mm
  • Sheave, hook type, 305mm diameter, 1,818 kg WLL, 127mm wide Current Tools
  • Sheave, hook type, 457mm diameter, 1,818 kg WLL, 127mm wide Current Tools
  • Sheave, hook type, 610mm diameter, 1,818 kg WLL, 127mm wide, Current Tools
  • Sheave, right angle, twin yolk 1818kg WLL, 127mmW, Current Tools
  • Sheave, hook type, 305mm diameter, 3,636kg WLL, 127mm wide, Current Tools
  • HV ABC roller, 10kN WLL, A4-5817F, Maclean
  • HV ABC yokebar, suit CSR-HVABC Roller, A4-5816B, Maclean

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