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  • Quick Change Chuck, 1/2" female to 7/16" female, suit high torque impact wrench
  • Part, spacer, short, for 9.5mm draw stud-52042827 for punch LS100FLEXCFM, Klauke
  • Part, draw stud, 9.5-19mm, for upto ISO40 knockout punch/dies LS100FLEXCFM Punch, Klauke
  • Part, draw stud, 19mm, for ISO50-60 knockout punch/dies, suit LS100FLEXCFM Punch,Klauke
  • Die, series 50, for bootlace lugs, 0.5-6.0mm2, suits EK50MLAU, Klauke
  • Die, series 50, for bootlace lugs, 10-25mm2, suits EK50MLAU, Klauke
  • Die, series 50, for bootlace lugs, 35-50mm2, suits EK50MLAU, Klauke
  • Hydraulic Battery Pump 10,000 PSI (700bar) Klauke
  • Spiking kit, cable, wireless, AHP700LC-W, 5m n/c hose, 105mm armoured gullotine cutter, TEN
  • Wireless Battery Hydraulic Pump, 10,000PSI, Klauke

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