Safety and Compliance in the Energy Industry

An electrical rescue kit is essential if your company is involved in overseeing, repairing, and maintaining LV switchboards, electrical substations, or pole-top electrical work. Our range of electrical rescue kits comes complete with a carry bag and rubber-insulated gloves and contains everything you need in an electrical emergency rescue situation.

While accidents on an electrical job site are rare, a low voltage rescue kit is mandatory should a worst-case scenario occur, it can save lives. It’s worth noting that having a rescue kit on hand is a regulatory requirement. Let’s look at some of the components that comprise a compliant rescue kit:

  • Container and relevant signage: Low voltage rescue kits must come in a container or bag and contain the appropriate safety signage, for instance, an “Isolate Here in Case of Emergency” sign.
  • Insulated components: All low voltage rescue kits must contain rubber-insulated gloves, an insulated mat, and rescue hook. The grading of these insulated items should be relevant to the job specification in terms of voltage.
  • Other components: Low voltage rescue kits should contain various other components such as a fire blanket, additional first aid components like burn dressings, and a clear first aid guide booklet.

We are a leading specialist supplier of compliant safety tools and equipment for the energy industry.

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