Capstan Hoists

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  • Control Foot for Capstan Winch Hydraulic, Chance (C308-1180)
  • Accessory, rope lock, 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4" rope, for series 90 hoists, Chance
  • Bracket, Universal for Petrol Capstan, 455kg WLL, Chance
  • Capstan Winch, 230v 1000lbs c/w Foot Switch, AU plug
  • Chain, Single for Capstan Hoist Bracket, 455kg WLL, 2150mm Long, Chance
  • Part, swivel, hitch mounted bracket, Chance
  • Winch, Drum, 1485kg capacity Honda Petrol 4 stroke, 5mmx80m textile rope & hook, DOCMA
  • Bracket, anchor for petrol winch, double hook for sling attachment, DOCMA
  • Bracket, loop hook for petrol winch, attach bracket accessories, DOCMA
  • Bracket, anchor for petrol winch, attach to tree/pole (VF310500 required), DOCMA

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