Service & Repair

TEN Group

TEN services and repairs a wide range of utility and plumbing hydraulic tooling and equipment. Commonly repaired items include:

  • Hydraulic battery and hand Tools such as crimpers, cutters and punchers.
  • Line hydraulic tooling including pole tampers and hydraulic pole saws
  • Cable, strap and chain hoists from leading brands such as Lug-All, Vital, Nagaki NGK and Kito
  • Tesmec stringing and cable hauling winches, pullers and puller tensioners
  • Plumbing hydraulic press tools from many widely used brands


Energy utilities and contractors make large investments in tools and equipment that can cost millions of dollars each year. Good servicing routine and processes extend the life of tools, minimising unplanned downtime and reducing tool lifetime costs. Planned maintenance for regular servicing of your tooling also helps reduce repair costs, and improves reliability and productivity.


Servicing tools and equipment extends the useable life of the tool by replacing worn components before a failure or fault occurs. Replacing a low cost seal on a hydraulic tool could be the difference between getting a job done and costly delays. Repairing a damaged tool is almost always more costly than undertaking the regular maintenance and service of the tool.


A regular maintenance schedule allows the utility to plan downtime instead of being forced into unplanned downtime when a tool fails. Service work can be carried out at a time when the tool is not required or there are additional tools available for use. TEN offers loan tools where available and this can all but eliminate any downtime for a depot or truck with only one tool.

When it comes to Maintenance, Servicing and repair requirements for hydraulic tools and equipment you really need to be able to trust that your work is being carried out properly. Our qualified staff take the guess work out of untimely delays due of maintenance issues.


TEN’s workshops in QLD, WA & VIC offer repair, servicing and refurbishment capabilities across the country, manned by staff with extensive tool and equipment knowledge.   These workshops stock many spare parts so that tool and equipment maintenance, service and repair time is minimal, providing an efficient service to our customers.

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