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  • Omni Marker Ball for locating Power Cables, Tempo
  • Marker, omni, orange 101.4kHz telephone, suit Marker Mate or equivalent, Tempo
  • Tester, phase sequence indicator, neon lights, croc clips, Cat III 600v, Greenlee
  • Tester, hot stick, 75kV/ft wet 100kv/ft dry, battery, USB charge port, Hastings
  • Tester, arrester, two stick live line tester, 4kV-25kV phase to phase, HDE
  • Conductor Gauge, Al, ACSR, Cu, sliding measure, 4-30mm, TEN
  • Conductor Gauge, ACSR various sizes, EQL range, machined Al
  • Conductor Gauge, Al/Cu various sizes, EQL range, machined Al
  • Clamp On Tester, True RMS, CAT III 1000VAC, 47mm Jaw Opening, Greenlee
  • Clamp On Tester, Averaging, CAT III 600V, 27mm Jaw Opening, Greenlee

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