Stray Voltage Tester

Stray voltage can harm any person or animal near an electrical installation. Energy installations are notoriously complicated, increasing the probability of some stray voltage being present. Our HDE LV-5 stray voltage tester is the ideal piece of equipment for contractors in the energy sector, be it first responders, asset inspectors, council workers, telecommunications installers, or underground crews.

The mobile testing unit is highly effective at safely testing potentially energised sources and is lightweight and easy to operate. Here are some more features of the HDE LV-5 detector:

  • Sensitive: It can pick up current as low as 5 volts. It works as a highly effective contact detector up to 600 VAC. It is also useful as a proximity tester above 600VAC.
  • Always on: The detector is always on and ready to use. It runs on two AA batteries and features an extremely bright red LED indicator light to alert you to the presence of a stray current.
  • Top-rated: The HDE LV-5 detector holds an IEC CAT IV rating, making it one of the top products in its class on the market today.

If you are in the market for a top-quality, fully mobile stray voltage tester, the HDE LV-5 is the product for you.

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  • Clamp On Tester, Averaging, CAT III 600V, 27mm Jaw Opening, Greenlee

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