Rope & Tackle
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  • Double Braided Hauling Rope 14.3mm x 200, Titan Braid
  • Tape, pulling, polyester, 818kg MBL, 900m, metre marks, 15.8mmW, prelubed, MULETAPE
  • Tape, pulling, polyester, 1136kg MBL, 1000m, 19mm wide, MULETAPE
  • Nylon Hand Line Block 450kg SWL, 16mm Rope with Swivel Safety Hook & Side Opening, Hastings
  • Hauling Line Block, WLL1134kg, OX Block (Swivel eye), Buckingham
  • Hauling Line Block, WLL1134kg, OX Block (Clevis), Buckingham
  • Handline Assy, OX Block (Clevis), 30m long, c/w 1.2m Adj.Sling
  • Handline Assy, OX Block (Clevis), 24m long, c/w 1.2m Adj.Sling
  • Block, Hand Line, 1134kg WLL, OX Block (Clevis with Quick release pin), Buckingham
  • Block, side swivel, swivel eye 1", 16mm rope dia, Buckingham

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