Equipment Specific Testers

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  • Tester, hot stick, 75kV/ft wet 100kv/ft dry, battery, USB charge port, Hastings
  • Tester, arrester, two stick live line tester, 4kV-25kV phase to phase, HDE
  • Tester, Stakeless, Earth resistance 0.1-1500 Ohm, Earth leakage 0.2mA-40A, Greenlee
  • Tester, rope, magnetic base, 2 x 9V battery, HDE
  • Strap, to suit SCT16-415 tester, magnet back, velcro
  • Tester, supply connection, Cat IV 600v, incl leads and strap, Starlogixs
  • Test leads, set, crocodile clips and probes, 3 leads, CAT IV 600V 10A

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