Underground Accessories
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  • Cleaner, duct, conduit, 80mm, rubber flanges, eye both ends
  • Conduit Rubber Cleaner 100mm
  • Cleaner, duct, conduit, 125mm, rubber flanges, eye both ends
  • Cleaner, conduit, rubber flanges with eye each end, suit 150mm conduit
  • Polycarbonate Rods for Cable Installation, 3m x 22mm diameter rod
  • Mandrel, duct proving, suit 80mm conduit, mandrel OD 74mm
  • Mandrel, duct proving, suit 100mm conduit, mandrel OD 90mm
  • Mandrel, duct proving, suit 150mm conduit,mandrel OD 130mm
  • Duct Proving Mandrel - Suits 80mm Electrical Conduit - SPP
  • Duct Proving Mandrel - Suits 100mm Electrical Conduit - SPP

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