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If you are seeking proven battery, hydraulic and other cable cutter choices for any and all job sizes, then the superb product quality and choice we provide here at TEN Group offers the options you need.

If a battery-operated ratchet cutter is your preference, you'll be pleased to know that we offer a range of Klauke products. With well over a century of manufacturing experience behind them, this brand is famed worldwide for its quality and ability to get the job done.

Requiring diagonal cutting pliers?

You'll find premium quality forged alloy steel choices here, delivering the precise jaw gap you'd expect, matched with superb insulated and cushioned grips.

Our heavy duty jawed Crescent bolt cutters with their shear cut blades are another popular product choice when a job requires the best of tools.

A cutter from American headquartered Klein Tools, who produce close to 4,000 different products, is another top-notch choice. Its high leverage design delivers the exceptional cutting capability you should always expect, its precision matched with a one-handed shearing action and cable-gripping jaws.

If your search is for the distinctive parrot beak cable cutter, then again TEN Group has the answer. This Crescent product offers special alloy hardened blades, matched with a hugely comfortable grip and high leverage jaws with shear-cut blades.

On the lookout for ratchet cable cutters?

We provide a wide range of cut widths and lightweight handle lengths to make the operation less of a strain on those muscles. Check out the unique ratchet actions, hold-open springs and many other vital features of these terrific products.

With this introduction to our superb range of cable cutters, we're confident you'll quickly find exactly what you need. However, if you need to ask for more information, or have any other queries, please contact our experienced TEN Group team by calling 61 7 3212 8999. Our advice is always free!

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  • Cable Cutter Parrot Beak, 241mmL, Crescent
  • Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 180mmL, Cushion Grip, Crescent
  • Diagonal Cutting Pliers 1000V Insulated, 180mmL, Cushion Grip, Crescent
  • Cutter, cable, 241mmL, max cut 12mm Cu Al, Klein
  • Ratchet Cable Cutter, Max Cut 17mm ACSR, 20mm Cu, 30mm Al, 270mm Long, Klein
  • Cable Cutter Ratchet ACSR, Klein
  • ACSR Ratchet Cable Cutter, Max 18mmOD cuts ACSR, Cu, & Al, Jenny Tools
  • Bolt Cutter 600mmL, 24", Centre Cut, High-Leverage Jaws with Shear-Cut Blades, Crescent
  • Ratchet Cable Cutter, Max Cut 52mm Cu & Al, 280mm Long, Klauke
  • Nagaki NGK ACSR Ratchet Cutter 600mm long, 24mm Max Cut Al ACSR/Cu 22mm, St 12mm

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