Cable Preparation and Stripping
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  • Hand Cable Stripper, >45mm Cable Diameter, 12mm Depth, Speed Systems
  • Hand Cable Stripper, Ratchet
  • ABC Stripper to suit 150mm2
  • ABC Stripper to suit 95mm2
  • Cable Stripper, Chamfer Tool for Main Insulation, 50-630mm2, Derancourt
  • Cable Sheath Stripper, Blunt Mushroom Head on Blade, Replacement Blade HRIPS-B
  • Cable Sheath Stripper, LV, Tear Drop Blade, Replacement Blade HRIPS-LV-B
  • Cable Stripper HVABC, Spiral Scoring for Semi Conductive Screen, Adjustable to 0.1mm
  • Cable Sheath Stripper >5.5mm, Suits 12-32mm Diameter Cable
  • Cable Stripper, Non-Insulated Black Sheathed, 1.2mm Circular Cut, 1.6mm Long Cut, 10-45mmOD, Derancourt

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