Cable Preparation and Stripping

Cable Strippers

Using a mechanical cable stripper to remove the insulation from HV and LV cable is a huge safety improvement over traditional knives. The benefits of these cable strippers are also apparent since the cutting depth can be precisely controlled to prevent damage to the cable and other cable properties such as the insulation under a semi-con layer.

We stock both universal cable strippers and specialised strippers for specific types of cables. All strippers are equipped with replaceable blades, and complete spares are available to ensure your cable strippers will be in service for many years.

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  • Hand Cable Stripper, >45mm Cable Diameter, 12mm Depth, Speed Systems
  • Ripley 4x4 ABC Stripper
  • Ripley 2x2 ABC Stripper
  • Adapter, snap on to suit 2x2 and 4x4 strippers for quick bushing change, Ripley
  • ABC Stripper to suit 150mm2
  • Part, square cut replacement blade to suit 2x2, 4x4 and WS68, Ripley
  • Cable Stripper, Chamfer Tool for Main Insulation, 50-630mm2, Derancourt
  • Stripper, chamfer tool for insulation, 45⁰, 12.7-34.9mm SPEED SYSTEMS
  • Cable Sheath Stripper, Blunt Mushroom Head on Blade, Replacement Blade HRIPS-B
  • Cable Stripper HVABC, Spiral Scoring for Semi Conductive Screen, Adjustable to 0.1mm

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