Ratchet Cutters

Ratchet Cable Cutters

The ratchet cable cutter quickly and cleanly cuts through aluminium, copper and ARSC conductors, with a variety of cutters with a wide range of cutting capacities The cable is then ready for further stripping, splicing and crimping, with no additional trimming required on the cut end.

A ratchet cable cutter's functional advantage is the ability of a single operator to cut thick cables, which minimises the risk of injury. These cutters are available in manual, hydraulic and battery-operated versions

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  • Ratchet Cable Cutter, Max Cut 17mm ACSR, 20mm Cu, 30mm Al, 270mm Long, Klein
  • Cable Cutter Ratchet ACSR, Klein
  • ACSR Ratchet Cable Cutter, Max 18mmOD cuts ACSR, Cu, & Al, Jenny Tools
  • Ratchet Cable Cutter, Max Cut 52mm Cu & Al, 280mm Long, Klauke
  • Nagaki NGK ACSR Ratchet Cutter 600mm long, 24mm Max Cut Al ACSR/Cu 22mm, St 12mm
  • Ratchet Cable Cutters, Capacity 32mm AL/CU, 20mm ACSR, Length 254mm - TEN
  • Cutter, cable, ratchet, 254mmL, max cut 32mm Cu Al, Reliable

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