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Rachet Cable Cutters

TEN Group offer an impressive selection of high-quality Ratcheting Cable Cutters. Ideal for jobs that involve cutting aluminium or copper cables, they offer a clean, smooth finish that's free from sharp sections and burrs. This gives all your work a professional touch, as well as added safety and a reduced risk of injury. Choosing professional cutters makes all the difference, ensuring a seamless snip with minimal effort from you.

All with a convenient, soft-touch handle, these cable cutters are comfortable to hold and reduce friction and calluses. Rubber handles can make the job easier, too, providing more leverage as you work and acting as a non-slip material. These handles are brightly coloured, ideal for visibility in a busy workspace or construction site. The range includes cutters that can be used in one hand for smaller cables, or larger cutters for tougher jobs. Whatever your requirements, TEN Group stock the right cutters to make your workday easier.

Depending on your needs, choose from cable cutters with an added spring to assist with movement, reducing the amount of effort you have to exert. High leverage mechanisms also make it easier to cut cables, which is especially useful for longterm use. Some cable cutters offer a lock-in function, staying closed for the duration of transportation or while not in use for added safety.

When looking to buy cable cutters, trust that TEN Group has your best interests in mind. Cutters stocked are highly durable and will stand the test of time, even in intensive environments. Investing in quality tools is a smart choice in the electricity industry, as functionality and safety are at the forefront of every job. Every cable cutter has been sourced from trusted brands and closely checked for quality, so whichever you choose, our tools are sure to meet your expectations.

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  • Ratchet Cable Cutter, Max Cut 17mm ACSR, 20mm Cu, 30mm Al, 270mm Long, Klein
  • Cable Cutter Ratchet ACSR, Klein
  • ACSR Ratchet Cable Cutter, Max 18mmOD cuts ACSR, Cu, & Al, Jenny Tools
  • Ratchet Cable Cutter, Max Cut 52mm Cu & Al, 280mm Long, Klauke
  • Nagaki NGK ACSR Ratchet Cutter 600mm long, 24mm Max Cut Al ACSR/Cu 22mm, St 12mm
  • Ratchet Cable Cutters, Capacity 32mm AL/CU, 20mm ACSR, Length 254mm - TEN
  • Cutter, cable, ratchet, 254mmL, max cut 32mm Cu Al, Reliable

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