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Keep Your Employees Safe, with Low Voltage Rescue Kits for LV Switchboard Operations

If your company employs workers to oversee LV switchboards in electrical supply or industrial substations, then having at least one low voltage rescue kit on hand is a mandated requirement. Ideally, these switchboards will be completely stable and safe, and your workers will be able to carry out their jobs without incident. However, there is always the chance of something going wrong. That's when a switchboard rescue kit can mean the difference between life and death.

How an LV Rescue Kit Can Help Save Lives

Picture the scenario: the person working the LV switchboard at one of your electrical substations received an electrical shock and was knocked unconscious. There are other people on the premises who want to help the injured worker and get them to a hospital to receive necessary medical attention. However, there is a chance that electricity is still flowing. In other words, your other employees would have to put themselves at risk to go near the victim or the switchboard or to touch anything that might instigate further electrical shock.

An LV rescue kit (LV stands for 'low voltage') gives your employees the ability to retrieve the victim, get him or her away from the switchboard, attend to any visible injuries and call an ambulance for help. At TEN Group, we carry switchboard rescue kits that include everything necessary to execute a safe and successful rescue from low voltage safety hazards. The kit includes a rescue hook made of insulated plastic, gloves suitable for use up to 1000 volts, an LED torch, a fire blanket, burns dressings, an 'Isolate Here In Emergency' sign and a carry case for all kit contents.

Working with electricity is dangerous, with the chance of an unpredictable and catastrophic event always around the bend. Having a proper switchboard rescue kit can at least provide extra safety assurances on your sites. This particular LV rescue kit meets industry standards in all Australian states.

The Limits of a Low Voltage Rescue Kit

At TEN Group, we stand by the low voltage rescue kit for electricity levels of 1000 volts or below. However, please do note that if your switchboard is medium voltage (MV) or high voltage (HV), this kit will not offer suitable protection for victims or rescuers.

For higher voltage levels, TEN Group also carries an HV switchboard rescue kit. The kit can include gloves rated for class 2 with a working voltage up to 17kV), a rescue hook (rated tested at 100kv per foot) and all the contents found in the LV rescue kits. Insulating rubber ground mats (rated between 1kV and 40 kV) and insulating indoor or outdoor platforms are also available to complete the kits

We are happy to walk you through the differences between our LV and HV rescue kits, as well as the scenarios in which you might use one or the other. You can reach us on +61 7 3212 8999 if you have any such enquiries.

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