Harnesses and Fall Arrest

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  • Pole Strap 3.6m w/Double Action Snap Hook (6650) Each End
  • 2.4m Pole Strap with Double Action Hooks
  • 2.7m Pole Strap with Double Action Hooks
  • Fall Restraint, Anchor Point Tool, Hastings
  • Controlled Decent Device, 16m Kernmantle Rope with 2 x Double Action Hooks, Honeywell
  • Miller Line Worker Harness, Frontal Fall Arrest
  • Energy Absorbing Lanyard 1.5m with Double Acting Hooks
  • Lanyard, 1.5M, with 19mm openings, double acting hooks either end, Honeywell
  • Stretchable Lanyard 2m with Double Acting 19mm Snap Hook Attachment & 64mm Scaff Style Anchor Hooks
  • Shock Absorbing Lanyard, 2m x 19mm Inner Core, Hook Ends

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