Remote Crimping Heads
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  • Crimper, head, hydraulic, 100T double acting, 76mm, max crimp 10,000PSI, handles, Assembly
  • Crimper, head hydraulic, 60T single acting, 60mm crimp, 10,000PSI, handles, Assembly
  • Greenlee 12Ton Low Pressure Remote Crimping Head fitted with Flush Face Couplers, 42mm Jaw Opening
  • Crimper, head, hydraulic, 45T, single acting, up to 800mm2 Cu 630mm2 Al, 10,000PSI, TEN
  • Klauke 100Ton Remote Hydraulic Crimping Head
  • Klauke 12Ton Remote Hydraulic Crimping Head
  • Klauke 25Ton Remote Hydraulic Crimping Head
  • Crimper, HP, press, remote head, 100T, DA, max hex die 60mm, light weight, Tesmec

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