Hand Operated Hydraulic Tools

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  • Hand hydraulic cutter, 20mm jaw opening, cuts 20mm AL/CU/ACSR, TEN
  • Hand hydraulic cutter, 40mm jaw opening, cuts 40mm AL/CU, 28mm ACSR, TEN
  • 12 Tonne Crimper Hand operated Hydraulic 16 - 400mm²
  • Hydraulic Crimper Hand Klauke 60kN (6T) 360 Deg Rot Head Flip Top Head 460mm L Met/Case
  • 560mm Hydraulic Hand Cable Cutter
  • Crimper, hand, 6,10,16,25,35, 50,70,95,120mm2, hex crimp, rotating adj dies, 627mmL, TEN
  • Crimper, hand, 6,10,16,25,35, 50mm2, hex crimp, rotating adj dies, 390mmL, TEN
  • Hand-operated Hydraulic Cutting Tool Up to 25mm

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