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2 May, 2024

Sealing Conduits for Resilient Electrical and Telecom Systems

In 2021 Global losses from extreme weather totalled USD$280b (AUD$388b), of which USD$120b (AUD$166b) was insured.*

Article by Sheri Dahlke, Robin Francis, Chris Trevis and Lindsay Taylor

A mission-critical system or service is indispensable to a functioning community, the economy, and public safety. If the system or service fails or is disrupted due to power outage or damage, commerce and community life can be severely compromised or completely halted. Electrical grids and communication networks are at risk worldwide. Global demand for electrical power and data bandwidth is growing at an increasing pace. As demand increases, potential damage and risk to infrastructure also increases. In many countries, aging assets and unreliable funding further plague these systems’ operational integrity. This paper focuses on how natural disasters compromise mission-critical assets in electrical and communication systems,

and how strategies are developed to reduce the risk. Any strategy must begin with collaboration among key stakeholders, such as communities, utilities, and government agencies, and depends on commitments to include system resilience projects in annual operational plans and budgets.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, floods, tornados, and bushfires are examples of extreme weather that wreak havoc on people’s lives, homes, and businesses and impose serious consequences on society. Consumers are typically unaware of behind-the-scenes work required to provide reliable power and digital access, but outages bring instant and unwanted focus.

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