Tree Trimming Equipment

Tree Trimming Equipment

A saw on a stick? Indeed, a chain saw on a pole powered by a hydraulic pump will make short work of trimming high branches, but it is not an investment to make for pure convenience. How often are electrical maintenance teams faced with offending branches to justify a chainsaw's capital and maintenance cost? Manual tree trimming equipment is more fiscally conscious for clearing a couple of branches from the overhead wires.

The Complete Tree Trimming Kit

Our complete tree trimming kit is ideal for line clearance crews and emergency call-out technicians, as it contains everything to enable workers to remove branches from lines and pole-tops.

  • The kits are tested to ASTM F-711, IEC 60855 and OSHA and may be used near live wires by qualified operators and in accordance with local utility procedures).
  • Working height depends on the kit, comprising of either four 1.2m sections or four 1.8m sections of fibreglass poles.
  • A universal S-hook and a quality pruning saw and scabbard are included in the kit.

We also stock the telescopic measuring and operating sticks in various lengths to determine the correct height of overhead objects and for operating apparatus at height. All spare parts are available.

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  • Universal Tree Pruner with 300mm Fibreglass Shaft
  • Universal Spiral Hook, Hastings
  • Hastings Sectional Tree Pruner 600mm Fibreglass
  • Tree Trimming Kit, Sectional Sticks 4 x 1.2m, Cutter, Saw, S-Hook & Storage Bag- Hastings
  • Tree Trimming Kit, Sectional Sticks 4 x 1.8m, Cutter, Saw, S-Hook, Storage Bag- Hastings
  • Hastings Universal Saw Handle
  • Blade Saw Pruning, Universal, Hastings
  • Pruning Saw Leather Scabbard, Suits A11000 Hastings Saw
  • Accessory, deviner, debris and vegetation removal tool, universal, Madi
  • Saw Blade, Pruner, replacement for A11000 Pruning Saw - Hastings

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