Earthing Attachments and Accessories

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  • Earth Clamp Remover with Hex Fitting
  • Earth Clamp Remover with Universal Fitting
  • Driver, earth rod, 12.7mm, 14mm, 16mm & 19mm rods, SDS max hammer, iToolCo
  • Live Line Clamp Remover, Universal Fitting
  • Live Line Clamp Remover, Suits Taplin Live Line Clamp with 40mm T-Bar
  • Temporary Earth Driver, 1345mm, 600mm to Depth Marker, Rubber Grip Handles, Lock Screw, 16mm Diamater, Zinc Plated
  • Temporary Earth Spike, 1380mm, 770mm to Attachment Point, 14mm Diameter, Zinc Plated

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