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ALE - ClampStar Conductor Repair

31 May, 2024

NSW Transmission Line Conductor Repair

If you have been following our Asset Life Extension series, you will understand the benefits and importance of routine aerial inspections to our electrical network.

One such case involving an overhead conductor in New South Wales was identified and repaired using a Clampstar Connector.

As you can see from the images, the conductor was several damaged with a large percentage of broken strands. Both the linear mechanical strength and thermal properties are compromised. A faulty quad spacer fitting was the culprit in this instance.

Fixing the problem

ClampStar, an engineered mechanical and electrical shunt that significantly reduces whole-span replacement cost and is the industry’s only PERMANENT, life extension solution for virtually all overhead conductors of any voltage class. ClampStar restores both electrical and mechanical integrity on weathered conductors.

As a result of the damage, a ClampStar CRU (conductor repair unit) connector offered the fastest and most cost efficient method of repair. Installation of the ClampStar unit remediated the damaged conductor without the need to cut and splice new conductor in. Repair was completed from a spacer chair, using only a conductor brush and an impact wrench. ClampStar connectors utilise shear off bolts to achieve accurate tension and simplified installation.

Clampstar CRU connectors are available in a full range of conductor sizes across Transmission and Distribution.

Download the information sheet here

You can find out more about ClampStar and the range of connector correctors, or more on our Asset Life Extension products by Contacting TEN at: – – 61 7 3212 8999

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