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TESMEC Generation 4.0 Machines

4 Sep, 2023

Tesmec Generation 4.0 machines with the Digital Human Interface 

Digital Human Interface (HMI) 
The digital HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a significant innovation on the 4.0 stringing machine. The control panel is drastically simplified. The innovative graphic display shows all the information, including diesel engine parameters, machine performance, and diagnostic output. This digital technology eliminates most of the instruments and devices installed on the previous control panel. 

Diagnostic Features 

• Maintenance interval scheduling, with countdown and alerts.  

• Machine alerts display errors with detailed description.  

• Alerts recording option for authorised service inspection.  

• Automatic self-diagnosis at machine start. 


Re.M. (Remote Monitoring System) - ALL270 
Remote monitoring package for main performance and diagnostic parameters, including alarms and a GPS localization, available on request. 

The remote operates up to a distance of 100m from the machine in line of site. It can also be connected by cable, both options give the operator full control of the machine in a position that offers a better overview of the worksite. Note: Pullers equipped with reel-winders feature automatic back-pull control for optimal performance and simple operation. 


• Automatic diesel engine rpm setting maximises stringing speed and offers better oil cooling and fuel savings.  

• Automatic oil cooling according to oil viscosity.  

• Reduce operator errors and maximise uptime.  

• Analog Circular chart displays operating parameters and machine limits.  

• Automatic cutting pressure device, to avoid any possible overload on the machine. 


Integrated Recorder 
Integrated pull recorder stores the operational data. Downloadable using a simple USB flash drive. Printer also available as an option. 

Full package in the standard version configuration. 
The standard machine includes a complete package of devices:  

• Integrated pull recorder.  

• Radio remote control.  

• Conductor clamp.  

• Low range gearbox (50 kN range).  

Range of available options include: preheating device for extra cold ambient temperatures, road transportation package, electronic connection of modular machines, remote diagnosis package and low range solution (100 kN range and higher). 

Operating pull vs speed Unique hydraulic circuit for stepless speed variation. Automatic management of the diesel engine for highest possible operating speed depending on work conditions. 

Power Unit 
Diesel engine: Stage 4, tier 4f and Stage 5 Each machine is also available with engine equivalent to the previous Stage emission level for markets where ultra high grade fuel is not available. Integral cover of the whole power unit and modularity in single components.  

Integral Cover 
The integral cover of the whole power unit grants: • Best protection of all the installed components. • Reduction of noise emission. Modular design and standardized components reduces spare parts and simplifies maintenance. 

Two travel configurations The machine layout allows the installation of rigid or road axles configurations. Road axle with EU type approved is available.

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