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Polywater Clean and Care for Live Line and equipment

8 Nov, 2023


As a reminder to our Insulating Glove and Sleeve customers and users, the best advice to ensure that these items are clean and maintain their insulating properties is to follow the ASTM guidelines ‘In-Service Care of Insulating  Gloves and Sleeves’ and ‘Visual Inspection of Electrical Protective Rubber Products’ (ASTM F496 and F1236).

Washing with Polywater® Rubber Goods Cleaner (RBG-*), a specially formulated cleaner for removing GREASE – DIRT – CARBON and other grime is the best way to ensure your gloves and sleeves are spot-cleaned of heavy contaminants. Per the standard, “The gloves and sleeves shall be washed with a mild soap or mild detergent and water. After washing, the gloves and sleeves shall be thoroughly rinsed with water to remove all soap or detergent and dried. Regarding hand sanitizers, it is recommended to use hand sanitizers that are produced with one or more of the following alcohols: Ethanol, n-propanol, or isopropyl alcohol. These three alcohols are not harmful to the gloves or sleeves at room temperature. Hand sanitizers should include alcohol levels above 60% and should not have fragrances or scrubbing beads. Wiping gloves at room temperature with one of the three alcohols is fine as well. For this purpose, the Polywater® S-1 alcohol-based water repellent wipe (this product contains a minimum 60% Isopropyl alcohol) is an ideal option. This advice is for Salisbury rubber goods, and other manufacturers should be consulted for their products. Some latex products may have different cleaning requirements.


Check the Fibreglass section for stick Cleaning, Re-Finishing & Repair products. Once the surface has been cleaned thoroughly, it is critical to re-wax the stick. The Polywater® W-1 & W-16 Fibreglass Wax and Buff Kit is a simple, easy to use, one application wipe ideal for this purpose. The lint-free wipe is saturated with fast hazing wax and a soft lint-free towelette is included for buffing the wax to a shine. This improves the dielectric performance by restoring the water beading properties.

It should be noted, waxing is best done after a thorough stick cleaning. Use of wax products over contaminated surfaces only locks the dirt in.

For spot cleaning the sticks and daily before use, the Polywater® Water Repellent Wipe (Part S-1) that (contains a minimum 60% isopropyl alcohol and silicone) helps clean and restore the water beading properties of the stick. This will also work to sanitise the stick before and after use if used correctly. (note these do not have an alcohol content, these are petroleum based).


For washing booms, use the Polywater® Fibreglass Wash (FGW-640). This replaces the previous BWC Boom Wash Concentrate. For spot cleaning of booms and baskets we recommend the Polywater (B-1) large for mat Towels for cleaning grime, grease and contaminants from the surface.


For a multitude of other surfaces, the Polywater® Multipurpose Cleaner / Degreaser (Part No. HP™) is the ideal solution. It replaces ozone-depleting CFC’s, trichloroethane and other carcinogenic chlorinated solvents. Safe for use on: Transformers (Pole & Pad-mount), Switch Gear & Motors, Control Devices, Generators & Fusible Disconnect devices, to name a few.

Polywater HP wipes are an all-rounder and available in a 72 wipe (HP-D72) cannister, or for the lowest cost per wipe of equivalent products on  the market, use the (HP-D400AU) bucket of 400 wipes.

Solutions for Every Situation

Rubber Goods Cleaner (RBG) - For Gloves, Sleeves and rubber mats & hoses

Multipurpose Cleaner/Degreaser (HP) - Industrial & Maintenance cleaning

Boom Wipes (B-1/D72) - Pre-saturated lint free boom wipes

Fibreglass Wash (FGW) - Boom & Bucket Pre-Wash

Gel Removal Wipe (TC-1) - SqueekyKleen, cleans and fans fibre (Fibre-Optic)

Fibreglass Wax (W-1/16) - Wax & Buff kit and Fast hazing wax

GrimeAway Wipes (HTC) - Multipurpose Cleaning wipes - Transformer Oil, Cable gels etc.

Hot Stick Cleaner (S-1) - Alcohol-based cleaner and water repellent

Solar Panel Wash (SPW) - Safe cleaner for Photovoltaic (PV) Panels



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