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3 Jun, 2022

Today TEN Group had the pleasure of having Ruth Logan and Tim O'Neil from "It's a Bloke Thing" present their awareness message to all the men and women of TEN. "It's a Bloke Thing" is a charity developed specifically for raising awareness for Prostate Cancer. Its a mans disease but very much a family heartache.

Tim is a close friend of mine personally as well as a 24yr long customer of TEN's. He has a very real and emotional message we were blessed to hear. His message of shock, lack of awareness of the cancer and how much it affected his whole family at the time once the news was broken to him is extremely eye opening. Tim is a living reason and example to GO and GET TESTED. Tim was young and a whole life in front of him. Bullet proof as he says. He will tell you, you are not bullet proof.
Sadly at the time of the presentation, only one male at TEN and none of our female employees were aware if their partners having had the all important PSA test which is age driven and so easily available to request.

I urge all businesses to contact myself or Ruth Logan directly to have her speak to your staff. Men and women. This is an awareness opportunity and too many of us men are ignorant to it. Detected early enough, lives can and will be saved. The death rate statistics from Prostate Cancer are much higher than you think. It is crazy to think how many of us are not aware of how easy this is to apply early detection methods that can save your life. And it's NOT invasive anymore guys to be tested regularly.
Thank-you to Ruth and Tim for sharing your message. I know of two of our men that made the doctors appointment yesterday because of your message. Such an insightful morning.
Thank-you also to my staff for your engagement. I know from the comments you made to me and the actions you made for yourself, just how important this event was for you.

Corey Scott

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