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The OxBlock tours Australia

17 Apr, 2019

TEN was proud to have hosted Steve Ybarra from Buckingham Manufacturing (NY, USA) for a series of customer demonstrations around Australia on the unique advantages of the OxBlock system. We received great feedback from field and safety personnel alike on the potential benefits in rescue, lifting and material handling.

The OxBlock provides an easy, lightweight and highly efficient method of lifting and lowering heavy equipment. Particularly suited for linemen, the OxBlock can provide an exceptionally efficient means of lifting, lowering and snubbing using its unique integrated friction bar and hook. A swivel side plate allows quick and easy installation of ropes without removing the pulley from the connecting device. When configured with optional pulleys, the OXBlock can be used to create a 4:1, 5:1 or 6:1 mechanical advantage reducing the amount of force needed to lift loads.

For more information or to arrange a demo, contact TEN Group on 07 3212 8999 or drop us a line

You can view the Buckingham OxBlock video at

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