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TEN announced as Polywater exclusive distributor

24 Sep, 2018

We are pleased to advise that TEN is now the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of American Polywater products. After several years of exciting growth in these product ranges, TEN has established itself as a leader in providing solutions for the Australian Energy Industry including pull-planning for HV Cable Hauling, Asset Life Extension and mitigating risk and cost across a range of product categories. We are stocking all common selling product lines in the Polywater family and welcome an opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of their solutions.

TEN Group are proud to be distributing the following American Polywater product ranges:

  • Polywater Cable Lubricants
  • FST Duct Sealant
  • PowerPatch Leak Repair Kit
  • InstaGrout Ground Barrier System
  • HP Electrical Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Rubber Goods Cleaner
  • Hot Stick Cleaner & Water Repellent Wipe
  • Boom Pre-Wash Wipes & Dispenser Packs
  • Boom Wash Concentrate
  • Fibreglass Wax & Buff Kit
  • Fibreglass Wax
  • GrimeAway Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes
  • SqueekyKleen Fibre Gel Removal

For a demonstration on any of the American Polywater products or their market leading cable pulling software, please contact your local TEN Group Sales Representative.

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