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Safe Work Month at TEN

19 Oct, 2018

October is Safe Work Month, with the theme for this year “A moment is all it takes; While a safety incident can happen in a moment and in any workplace, a moment’s forethought can prevent harm”.

While TEN is always committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace, we like to use Safe Work Month as an opportunity to approach safety with a fresh mindset. This year we challenged our employees to “take a moment” this month to re-engage with their TEN Hazard/Suggestion booklets to identify a potential safety hazard or to make a safety suggestion.  This delivered tangible information to TEN with improvements made, and we encourage our employees to continue to use these tools to continue to report hazards and make suggestions beyond Safe Work Month.

In line with Safe Work Australia’s Work Health and Safety Strategy under one of the national action areas ‘supply chain and networks’, TEN also undertook training to increase awareness and to understand responsibility in relation to recent changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Regulation / Chain of Responsibility laws.  This is to demonstrate our commitment to ensure our practices and products are not impacting negatively on the safety of those beyond TENs premises.  We also openly encourage those in our supply chain network, including customers and suppliers to engage in conversations with us to ensure continued compliance with these laws.

TEN also continues to address one of Safe Work Months priority conditions – mental health.  TEN has recently implemented a new ‘birthday leave’ policy as a token of appreciation to employees and to assist in improving work-life-balance.  We also pride ourselves on delivering mental health talks and presentations to normalise mental health conditions, increasing knowledge of symptoms, identifying protective factors that work for individuals, and to encourage help-seeking by providing information on how employees can access assistance (if and when) it is needed.

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