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Extend the life of your fibreglass sticks

6 Mar, 2018

Clean and care guides for sticks from TEN

After extended periods of use and exposure to the elements your fibreglass stick surface may require maintenance. Often this is identified when a stick fails a test for tracking, however this shouldn’t be the end of the sticks service life. In many instances a complete re-gloss may not be required. We have demonstrated around the country that many failed sticks (for tracking) can be brought back to life with a good clean and re-wax.

Commonly a silicone wipe is used to clean off the surface contaminants. This is a great daily practice that can remove light dirt and grease. However, over time, additional contaminants can be trapped between coats. Just like waxing a car, best practice is to cut it back periodically before applying a fresh coat of wax or silicone. This cleaning process removes the buildup of heavy contaminants trapped in wax and silicone coats, cleans the stick surface and prepares it for a fresh coat of wax and silicone ready to assist with beading water.

These handy guides give an overview of the process to cleaning and highlights a number of suitable products from Hastings to get the job done

Watch the Hastings Stick Maintenance Video

Download the Hastings Stick Maintenance Flyer

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