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Energy Networks Conference 2018 - Update

13 Jul, 2018

The Energy Network at Energy Networks!

In June, TEN exhibited at the Energy Networks 2018 conference in Darling Harbour, Sydney. TEN focussed its product offering on asset life extension products and found a great audience of utility executives and engineers interested in the solutions we put forward. With ageing energy network infrastructure and a constantly evolving generation picture, getting the most out of the existing line assets at an efficient allocation of capital is critical. With a large number of transmission lines built in the 60’s through 80’s, many of the connectors on these lines are past their life expectancy, but the conductors may be good for another 20 or 30 years. With an increase in thermal imaging and inspection, we are seeing a rising number of failing connectors through hot joints, failing dead ends or damage at suspension clamps. This is where ClampStar provides a cost effective solution to restringing lines. As an engineered mechanical/electrical shunt, the ClampStar units restore the electrical and mechanical integrity of the connectors. This solution has major cost advantage over traditional repair methods including cost stringing a new line or cutting out the joint and replacing with two joints and potentially two new failure points in the future. Find out more about these products here

Also a hit was the Polywater PowerPatch. Right across the energy sector, leaking transformers and SF6 gas equipment are a major maintenance headache for asset managers and a hazard to the environment. The PowerPatch allows repair of active leaks in transformer housings, fins and bushings while in service, reducing the need for costly removal, refurbishment and replacement. Other benefits of patching instead of refurbishment mean that you do not expose the transformer to environmental risks such as dust and water that can cause further issues in the future. The epoxy putty has a high dielectric strength of 43kV reducing partial discharge issues when mixed with the oil and the epoxy coating goes chemically inert once set and is not prone to any further degradation by UV or weather making it a great permanent repair.

The show was a great success and we look forward to participating at Energy Networks Brisbane in 2020.

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