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ClampStar® South Australia Trials

7 Sep, 2017

On the back of successful trials and sales of ClampStar® units in QLD and NSW, TEN has recently provided ClampStar® units as part of an ongoing trial in South Australia. The purpose of the trials are to evaluate the product for its suitability across varying applications and make a determination of suitability as a standardised solution. Two clamp types are currently under trial, one for mid-span connections and one for repair of damage conductor at suspension clamps. The ClampStar® products are proving to be a great success in the Australian market. With each successful trial we are able to demonstrate the units to be economically viable through their fast installation times with no loss of power, long term asset life extension capability and ability to reduce time, labour and expense compared with current repair methods for “at risk” connections.

With ClampStar®, failing mid-span connectors are repaired with NO power interruption and connector replacement is no longer necessary. ClampStar® installs in a few minutes, with a hot-stick, gloves or barehand helicopter. No mechanical grips, come-alongs, jumper cables or cutters are needed. And, ClampStar® meets ANSI C119.4 Class AA, extra heavy duty and restores both electrical and mechanical integrity on weathered conductors.

ClampStar® models are available for correcting failing mid-span connectors, deadends and damaged conductor at suspension points, and repairing lightning strike damage on OPGW. To find out more information, please contact Classic Connectors exclusive Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands distributor: Corey Scott of TEN Group – 0419 729 026.

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