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CPI Wedge Clamps Distributed by TEN

17 Jul, 2017

TEN is pleased to announce our first delivery of the Connector Products Inc (CPI) Wedge Clamps to a major utility in Victoria. This is the culmination of two years of work in testing and trials to have the product approved and is a credit to all involved. The wedge clamps allow the utility to move away from fired on connectors without sacrificing the quality of connection at the interface achieved by the wedge system. Wedge style connectors provide a superior connection over traditional Parallel Groove (PG) style clamps.

After years of successful installations in the United States, the CPI wedge design has become the only leading wedge system that can be installed without specialized tooling, providing a safe and easy installation that reduces or eliminates tooling inventory, maintenance and repair expense.

  • No special tools needed
  • Easily adaptable to standard hot-stick tools
  • Installation time is quicker than conventional crimp-type or molded joints
  • Meets or exceeds the current carrying capacity of the conductors being connected.
  • Easy to remove and re-use without damaging the conductor
  • Recommended for use in critical high load areas and on overloaded circuits, as well as everyday applications
  • Remains permanently locked through fault current or power surges
  • Excellent option for emergency restoration where outside crews might not have fired-on or compression tooling

For more information on the range of CPI wedge connectors read our PDF here, or contact us

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