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New Generation Fleet for TEN Hire

16 Sep, 2014

TEN Hire has added an exciting range of innovative and new generation machinery to the Hire Fleet increasing hire options for customers to vastly improve productivity and profitability on projects.

The WirePilot™ series of machines are an innovative winch wire and rope recovery system featuring variable speed control to increase user control and productivity as well as improved functionality for site safety. This system is also designed to give high recovery rates for low line tension if desired, improving productivity rates for field staff.

The System includes the following operational features:

• 35 kN on up to 3 winches simultaneously; and
• Up to 140m/min recovery on low load (SS models only)
• Sequenced even Layering or wire on drums with wire slide mechanism
• Improved load monitoring to indicate line pull
• Dedicated motor load sense controller
• Improved work platform layout for safe working access
• Static and dynamic braking
• Single Joystick control of 1, 2 or 3 winches
• Simple wire drum removal and replacement
• Installation on users supplied vehicle

56 Tonne Hydraulic Pole Pullers have also been added to the range showing exceptional site and project advantages in their recent hires. The powerful hydraulic dual cylinder Pole Pullers feature cam-heads with bevelled teeth to obtain maximum grip on utility poles being pulled up to 700mm in diameter. This pole puller provides superior efficiency and increased safety in comparison to traditional methods by eliminating manual handling risks such as awkward heavy bends and reduces the risk of overloading lifter borer crane winch ropes. Used with open or closed centre hydraulic systems, the pole puller is fitted with 7.5m hydraulic hoses and utilises the existing low pressure tool circuit of the lifter borer, crane truck or EWP.

The CableGlider® cable puller offers portability and ease of set up in a completely self contained unit to adapt to a variety of pulling situations. It comes equipped with a three-speed removable power pack, providing up to 28.9kN of pulling force at low speed. Speed changes occur with just the turn of a dial.

Design features include a self-tailing capstan for added stability, a pivoting arm and a foot switch for operator convenience and safety. It accepts all diameter rope (self-tailing capstan accepts 16mm to 22 mm rope only).

The complete CableGlider® system includes Metal Transport Container, Puller, & Polemount frame, Foot switch, Retaining Fork, accessories toolbox and Conduit Adapters in 50, 75, 90, 100, 125 & 150mm, Accesory Toolbox, Drum Stand & 365m rope.

Full training packages with competency assessment for operating staff are available for all TEN Hire equipment.
For all TEN Hire enquiries contact Mick Dickfos on 0499 119 731

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