Web Strap, Wire Rope Pulling & Ratchet Hoist

The On-the-Job Benefits of a Lug-All Web Strap, Ratchet, or Wire Rope Pulling Hoist

Power distribution lines are all around us, but we seldom stop to take notice of how many parts of our lives they touch. From powering our homes and businesses to directing us through traffic and lighting the way at night, our distribution network connects all of them. Of course, they didn't just appear. This critical infrastructure is the result of the consistent efforts and dedication of companies in the energy sector like yours. When bringing power to new developments, or maintaining the existing electricity infrastructure, it's crucial to have access to the right tools for the job. When it comes to tensioning of conductors or stay wires, a good quality web strap hoist is an invaluable tool.

Throughout the energy industry, one brand of ratchet hoist stands out from the rest for its track record of innovative design and rugged quality: Lug-All. Linemen everywhere know that with access to a Lug-All web or wire rope hoist on the job site, they can accomplish their tasks safely and efficiently. Consider the importance of having a sturdy industry tested and proven web strap hoist at work when tensioning a new section of power line. Working at a height, with a load on a hoist, your workers don’t need to question the quality of the product, or if it has the same ratings as an industry tried and tested Lug-All. They can look the same, but only quality manufacturing through many years of design, development, testing and field feedback can make a quality hoist. With the quality of Lug-All products available through TEN Group, your staff in the field will be well-equipped to face any challenge.

A durable ratchet hoist keeps the job moving

Making the investment in Lug-All is worthwhile for various reasons. First and perhaps foremost, they're built not just to do the job — but to accomplish those important tasks safely. For example, a Lug-All web strap or wire rope ratchet hoist is extremely easy to operate even while wearing thick protective gloves. When working in proximity to energised lines, this is an absolute must. The ease of operating the ratchet enables line workers to complete tasks quickly as well. This translates to better safety and improved efficiency, all by selecting an appropriate tool before the job begins.

TEN Group has a range of different hoists for many load ratings and varying applications, including hot line hoists with shotgun rings for operation by sticking. Choosing the right web strap or wire rope hoist is all about matching the product to the demands of the job site. We are always happy to discuss product recommendations to supply you with the right equipment.

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A wire rope pulling hoist is among the most versatile and essential tools when working maintenance on overhead power lines. With the proven track record of Lug-All products, you can equip your crews with the ideal equipment for any field work. Meanwhile, those same teams can place their trust in the safety and durability of their tools.

TEN Group provides more than just an excellent source to procure a new ratchet hoist, however. We have two decades of experience in supplying the energy industry with high-value products. To learn more about how we can assist you or to discuss an order, please visit our contact form here for further details.

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