Riganti Suppliers in Australia

If you are in search of a technology company and can’t find one, look no further because TEN Group is here for you. As a primary Riganti supplier in Australia, we have over 10 years of experience under our sleeves.

Why TEN Group

TEN Group has been in existent since 1998. We have launched our service in the technology field and would love to offer our servicer to you. With 20 years of working experience, we at TEN Group would like to work for you. Come to TEN Group for a tailored solution as we hire only the best. We are a sales, manufacturing, service and repair and hire outlet supplying quality equipment in the energy industry. Our customer care assistance will direct you accordingly while guiding you on the service we offer. As an official Australian stockist of Riganti power grips and liners, you can expect only the best. Similarly, being an official Australian stockist of this brand has made us expand our client base in the communications, mining, power and energy, oil and gas, rail and civil infrastructure markets

Our Expert Team

We only employ the best and well-trained technicians, we don’t plan to fail once you give us a job. Our technicians are ready to offer high-quality and the best services to you. Moreover, they are trained in customer service and prepared to listen to you and give you the best advice.

Technology is the new trend today and is revolutionising the world. TEN Group has decided to place itself on the map as one of the most prominent technology companies. With our years of experience in various sectors, we do well in the technology sector. Our experience as the best gigantic supplier of quality construction tools and equipment in Australia has elevated us to international status. Our services are now available for people around the world. We are in several countries and would love to work with you on any technology project wherever you are around the globe.

Our main aim as TEN Group is to offer quality services, cost-effective, safe and reliable. We are an ISO certified company and our certifications are ISO14001, ISO9001, and AS4801. These certificates are proof of our work and also are a guarantee we are here to deliver. Feel free to get in touch with us and let us help in your project.