At TEN Group, we stock a range of high quality Hastings hot line tools and equipment. Hastings produces safe and reliable hot line tools that are great for working in even the toughest field conditions. As one of the top manufacturers in the powerline construction and telecommunications industry, Hastings is able to make your job easier and much safer.

When it comes to making safe, dependable hot line tools and equipment, we've satisfied tough customers around the world.

While we are proud of our accomplishments we're never completely satisfied. It's our drive to always do better and push product development further that makes our products the very best you can buy. Whether that means modifying an existing product or creating a new one, we're constantly exploring ways to break new ground.

As originators of the Tel-0-Pole telescoping hot stick and many other patented products, we're proud to be the industry innovator of hot line tools and equipment.

Today, we're a worldwide supplier with products in use in more than 50 different countries. At home and abroad, we remain focused on delivering tools that line crews can really trust.

Over the last 40 years our reputation for quality, dependability and long-lasting product life has been field-tested in all 50 states and around the world. When you see our name, expect the best-because Hastings, hot line tools are our only business.

  • Innovations and Patents
  • Originator of the Telescoping Hot Stick
  • Tel-o-Pole II the no twist stick
  • Insulated ratchet cutters
  • Sectional/telescoping shotgun sticks
  • Regulator Neutral Detector
  • Digital High Voltage Phasing Meter
  • Hot Line Indicators
  • Hot Stick Tester
  • Ground/Jumper Assembly Tester

Hastings hot sticks

Hastings telescoping hot sticks are designed with reach, convenience and safety in mind. All sections of these products have been reinforced with electrical grade fibreglass, making the tools strong and high in dielectric qualities.

Hastings hot sticks can be used for replacing the fuses of transformers, for closing and opening disconnect switches, or for pruning the limbs of trees. The products come in several models and lengths, meaning you can choose a hot stick based on your individual needs and those of your colleagues.

Inspection, cleaning and maintenance equipment

As any professional working with live-line tools knows, these pieces of equipment should be inspected daily for any signs of wear and tear or surface deterioration. Defects may impair the dielectric integrity of the tool, warranting a temporary removal from service and tagging.

To avoid damage and deterioration, Hastings produce a number of great products to aid cleaning. Contaminants like greases or oil, for example, can be removed using Hastings cleaning wipes or the Hastings All Purpose Cleaner. When applied using a clean sponge or cloth, this product is able to render your live tools sparkling and serviceable.

Warning markers and handguards

Clearance markers should be placed on handheld sticks to differentiate between their insulated sections and the sections that are safe to hold. These should also be screwed tightly to the stick to avoid slippage and subsequent accidents. Hastings provide some of the most popular marker and handguard solutions on the market, providing bright safety red products to adhere to special safety regulations and to look after workers.

Here at TEN Group we specialise in the sales, manufacturing, service, repair and hire of quality tools and equipment for the energy industry. If you work in the power and energy, mining, oil and gas, communications, or rail and civil infrastructure markets, we're here for you.

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Hastings hot line tools and equipment