Here at TEN Group, we supply a range of tools and equipment to many companies operating in the energy industry.
One of the most in-demand products that we supply is ClampStar, a lineman friendly connector corrector which is designed to improve safety and prevent unplanned outages in overhead conductors.

As well as being easy to fit and versatile to a range of requirements, ClampStar® is the industry's only permanent life-preserving solution to the problem of aging connectors – and we're Australia's official supplier!

How does ClampStar® work?

ClampStar® is designed for use as a permanent reinforcement in overhead transmission and distribution conductors whose connectors are suffering from issues relating to age or degradation. Conductors with old connectors or fittings will often experience a decrease in line ampacity. ClampStar® aims to reverse this by increasing the performance rating in your clamps and fittings. Indeed, the product has managed to save significant amounts of money for companies which have installed ClampStar®, as well as adding years on to the expected lifetime of their connector infrastructure. If you've noticed a dip in your infrastructure's performance, why not give ClampStar® a try?

Various connectors available

ClampStar® connectors are available for a variety of applications, including dead ends, suspension clamps, damaged conductor and OPGW repair and inline splices.

ClampStar® can be purchased in both rigid and flexible versions to accommodate various cable diameters for both transmission and distribution applications. If you're unsure which version of ClampStar® you require, please get in touch with us using the contact details displayed below.

Easy installation

ClampStar® can be installed by one or two trained professionals within minutes, with no power interruption whatsoever and no specialist tools required - all your workmen will need are gloves and/or a hot stick. Installation costs are minimal when compared to totally replacing failing or ageing automatic splices. For further guidance on the installation of ClampStar®, please consult the support and downloads section on the manufacturer's site, where you'll find a number of instructional videos and photo guides:

Contact us today

At TEN Group, we are an official ClampStar® supplier to the Australian market. For a quality product that can be installed within just minutes, please get in touch with us today by calling Corey Scott on 0419 729 026

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