Telescopic Shotgun & Electrical Hot Stick

Using a Telescopic Shotgun Stick & The Importance of Electrical Safety on Hot Lines

With how critical electricity infrastructure is to the global economy, it would be ideal if it all functioned flawlessly 100% of the time. As we all know, though, that's simply not possible. Maintenance is a necessity from time to time, whether due to the age of an asset, an accident that may bring down a line, animal interference or a weather event. While the safest possible way to conduct maintenance on our energy systems is to de-energise them, and that's not always possible. There are many situations which demand line workers perform operations with or around live power lines. Safety in this area is of the utmost importance. That is why the insulated fibreglass hot stick is a lineman's best friend.

By using a telescopic hot stick, a line worker can accomplish a wide range of tasks on fully energised systems without significant risk to his or her person. The insulating properties of the fibreglass protect the operator from high voltage, while a variety of attachments make many actions possible. This affords real safety without compromising your workers' ability to perform their duties.

Considering the delicate work involved at the end of an extended telescopic stick, it's vital to equip your staff in the field with durable and high quality equipment. TEN Group provides convenient procurement options for electrical sticks founded on the reliability of the renowned industry brand Hastings. From the shotgun stick, to a telescopic fibreglass operating stick, or a sectional stick kit, TEN is ready to assist you in finding the proper products.

Trust the safety and quality of a leading electrical hot stick

The huge variety of power line constructions and equipment types means that every situation demands careful consideration. Because workers cannot always access lines directly without risking their safety, a fibreglass stick can do the job of their hands instead. Therefore, ease of use is incredibly important, especially considering that a hot stick may extend for many metres. The lightweight but durable construction of a Hastings telescopic electrical stick makes it easy to handle even when precision at a distance is a necessary element.

The fibreglass material used for stick tools and hooks also protects field workers by virtue of its insulating properties. A Hastings hot stick yields excellent value over its lifetime in use. This is why TEN Group is proud to supply these items in our catalogue. Through both their versatility and the durability of its design, this equipment keeps work flowing without delays or unnecessary safety risks.

Take the first step towards better safety

There's simply no discounting the utility a shotgun stick offers to field workers everywhere. A telescopic fibreglass stick for manipulating electrical hardware is essential for every lineman's tool box. TEN Group's extensive inventory of Hastings hot sticks and tools represents the ideal place to begin sourcing equipment for your needs in the field. As an experienced and knowledgeable supplier, we open the door to procuring the right tools, for the right job in the right time.

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