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  • Universal Talon Hook, Hastings
  • LP Hydraulic Hose Twin Orange 3m, Flush Face Couplers fitted
  • LP Hydraulic Hose Twin Red 3m, Flush Face Couplers fitted
  • Cutter, cable, ratchet, 254mmL, max cut 32mm Cu Al, Reliable
  • HP Hydraulic Hose Orange 3m, M/M 3/8" Snap Couplers fitted
  • LP Hydraulic Impact Wrench 7/16" Quick Chuck, Trigger Guard, Couplers fitted
  • Ratchet Cable Cutter, Max Cut 17mm ACSR & Cu, 25mm Al, 266mm Long, Reliable
  • Compression Gauge, Load Cell, 12T
  • LP Hydraulic Inline Pressure Gauge
  • Non Conductive Impact Wrench Holster, Reliable

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