Cable Stringing Equipment

When it comes to overhead stringing machinery, it’s important to invest in quality products that will get the job done properly and stand the test of time. The Energy Network (TEN Group) prioritises stocking top brands and industry leaders. Check out our website if you’re interested in cable stringing equipment, electric pullers and pushers, hydraulic machinery or other apparatus.

Conductor Stringing Equipment, Puller/Tensioner Machines, and More

We strive to provide equipment that is fit for your purpose, cost-competitive, safe and reliable. Below are some of the categories of machinery we have available:

  • Cable drum stands and jacks: Easy to handle, and simple to operate, our cable drum stands are perfect for your task. We offer 1.5t, and 6t stands, with range of larger stands upon request.
  • Electric cable pullers and pushers: A great option for a cable pusher is the Lancier Electric Cable Pusher EKR700, which can push up to 7kN at a rate of 10 metres per minute. If you’re looking for a cable pulling machine, we have options that can pull from 30 to 160kN, depending on your requirement.
  • Hydraulic machines: We also have great options for hydraulic pullers, tensioners, and winches, with brake systems.
  • Hydraulic pole pullers: With a force of 56t, the 56T Hydraulic Pole Puller can pull out poles of up to 700mm diameter.

All our products at TEN Group are high-quality and designed for the best results.

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  • 25kN Hydraulic Puller Tensioner, Tesmec
  • 45kN Hydraulic Puller Tensioner, Tesmec
  • 15kN Hydraulic Puller, Tesmec
  • 35kN Hydraulic Puller, Tesmec
  • 50kN Hydraulic Puller, Standard Trailer Mount, Tesmec
  • Electric Capstan Winch, 230V, 5.4T, 11m/pm - iTOOLco
  • 454kg (1000lbs) Capstan Hydraulic Winch Hoist - Effortless Heavy Lifting
  • Winch, electric, 110v, 2.72T (6000lbs), motor gearbox & capstans only, iToolCo
  • Winch, battery, 27.2kN, (6000lbs), extension arm, conduit adaptors, iToolco
  • Battery Power Capstan Portable Winch, 1360kg capacity, inc 762mm Ext, conduit adaptors, iTOOLco

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