Salisbury Insulated Rubber Electrical Safety HV Gloves

Protect Your Line Workers with Insulated Rubber LV and HV Electrical Safety Gloves by Salisbury

Working with high voltage (HV) electrical lines is a task that requires a serious focus on both safety and adequate procedures. Luckily, safety is merely a matter of physics — the right materials used in the proper way will afford linemen excellent protection. However, it's imperative that a worker's safety gear be more than just sufficient to offer protection. It must also allow an employee to be effective. In other words, you don't want to sacrifice the ability to do the work properly. That is why the right electrical safety gloves can make all the difference.

Manual dexterity is crucial when working on the line. From hooking cables into hoists and manipulating equipment, one must be able to have a good sense of what they're doing. Well-made insulated electrical gloves afford their wearers not just an excellent level of protection, but also the ability to keep on doing the job effectively. At TEN Group, finding and procuring the quantity of HV gloves you require is simple. With a stock drawn from the best brands and suppliers, such as Salisbury, you can equip your linemen with confidence. There are a few things to consider when deciding upon electrical safety gloves.

The importance of well-fitting HV gloves

Equipping field workers with electrical safety gloves involves several steps and requires a few different products. First are the inner gloves. Often made of cotton, these fit snugly and provide additional comfort before the addition of insulated rubber gloves. TEN Group features rubber gloves by Salisbury, a leader in electrical protection gear. Made of an all-natural rubber, and a sound insulator, these gloves offer an excellent level of dielectric strength. This is the real source of protection for your HV electrical workers. It's important to supply these items in the correct fit; an ill-fitting glove is often the source of lost dexterity.

Finally, a rugged outer glove made of leather — also available from Salisbury — covers the rubber to afford protection from sharp edges and other hazards. Three layers of gloves may seem very bulky. With a well-made product and a good fit, though, safety and dexterity can coexist. For additional protection against contacting a live line with bare skin, workers can supplement gloves with rubber sleeves as well.

Your source for any energy industry procurement needs

Given the importance of a line worker's ability to quickly and easily manipulate their tools, the value of purchasing the right safety gloves is self-evident. From an inner layer of Salisbury rubber gloves to the outer gloves, the right products can offer ideal protection from the dangers of a live powerline.

At TEN Group, we aim to make it simple to source insulated gloves necessary to equip your crews for safety. Contact us today through our web enquiry form to discuss the merits of the Salisbury brand and the first steps towards placing your order. We look forward to delivering the solutions your business requires most.

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