Rubber Goods Cleaner

Clean your Line Hoses, Jumper Cables and other Rubber Products with Rubber Goods Cleaner

Working in the electricity supply industry gives an appreciation for how important personal safety equipment can be. Looking after this safety equipment and ensuring it is clean and working as it should is ingrained in all live lie workers. Dirt, grease and contaminated surfaces provide a path for electricity to track and limit the equipment insulating properties. When this equipment is between you and the electrical source, you want to make sure it is working as its designed.

TEN Group has the answer with a full range of rubber goods cleaner products, ranging from individual wipes to 18.9 Litre drums of Polywater cleaner. Polywater’s rubber goods cleaner is the ideal solution to remove dirt and contaminants from gloves, insulating blankets, cables, sleeves and any other natural or synthetic rubbers. Furthermore, the solution is entirely non-corrosive, so you don’t have to worry about using too much or getting anywhere it shouldn’t be. Nevertheless, it cuts through grease and grime, but at the same time doesn’t affect rubber material in the least.

The last thing you want to be doing is handling hazardous or toxic fluids while on a job site, and by using a rubber goods cleaner from TEN Group, you can be safe in the knowledge you have the best cleaner on hand, that is also completely safe to use. It’s PH Neutral making it friendly for workers who experience sensitive skin and reactions to other cleaners.

Our rubber goods cleaner can be applied using a spray, or if you prefer, you can use individual wipes that come in a handy canister. For larger jobs, you can purchase our rubber goods cleaner in either a 3.8L bottle or an 18.9L drum. For more details on our rubber goods cleaner or any other product, check out our online catalogue or email us at

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