Puller-Tensioner, Hydraulic, 50kN, HMI, Remote Control & Rope Clamps - TESMEC

Puller-Tensioner, Hydraulic, 50kN, HMI, Remote Control & Rope Clamps - TESMEC

Code: PT1250
Brand: Tesmec
Product Details
Hydraulic, puller-Tensioner 50kN, HMI, remote control, rope clamps, Tesmec

Tesmec PT1250 Hydraulic Puller Tensioner – 50kN

Tesmec’s PT1250 hydraulic puller-tensioner provides features to improve productivity and efficiency whilst also improving safety for operators. Advanced improvements to machine operating systems such as a negative self-acting hydraulic brake, an integrated hydraulic dynamometer, hydraulic cooling system and advanced user controls

The PT1250 offers 50kN of pulling or tensioning capacity and is designed for stringing one rope or one conductor. The bull-wheel grooves on the PT1250 are made from high resistance interchangeable nylon sections. A new digital remote interface with automatic power management and full safety controls offers the user better safety features and increased control

  • Perfect for Construction and Pre-Conductoring
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Ready for immediate use on site


  • Used for overhead stringing – one rope or one conductor
  • Machine completely electronically controlled through digital HMI system
  • Built in data recorder
  • Hydraulic rope clamps
  • Full radio remote operation with cord and HMI operation fail safes
  • Lockable soundproof integrated covers
  • Bull wheels made of high resistance interchangeable nylon sectors
  • Negative self-acting hydraulic brake
  • Hydraulic oil cooling system
  • Diesel engine – water cooled
  • Grounding device on board
  • Rigid axle for towing at max speed of 30km/hr with mechanical parking brake
  • Gearbox with 3 operating positions:
  • – Neutral position (with free bullwheels for conductor loading and unloading)

    – Low tension position: 2 ÷ 12 kN as tensioner & 0 ÷ 7 kN as puller

    – Nominal tension position

  • Hydraulically actuated front plough stabiliser
  • Hydraulic power pack to control 1 drum stand with hydraulic motor or one reel winder
  • Machine weight 3700kg excluding fluids
  • Performance

    Max pull (kN)50
    Speed at Max pull (km/hr)1.5
    Max speed (km/hr)5
    Pull at Max speed (kN)16


    Bull-wheel diameter (mm)1500
    Bull-wheel materialNYLON
    Max conductor diameter (mm)42
    Max rope diameter (mm)16
    Weight (without rope) (kg)3650
    Number of grooves6
    Suitable for1 rope/ conductor

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