Transformer Containment Bag Round 1020kg WLL, 1.00 x 1.20m, ABG
Transformer Containment Bag Round 1020kg WLL, 1.00 x 1.20m, ABG

Code: PT-42
Brand: ABG Bag
Product Details
Bag, containment, 1.00 x 1.20m, pole transformer, round, 1020kg WLL, ABG

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Manufactured from durable & strong woven recyclable polypropelene
  • Tested to hold 6 times its rated capacity
  • Employee & environmental safety
  • Easily stored on crane truck
  • Storm preparedness
  • Avoid preventable spills
  • Safely contain PCB’s compared with conventional transport bunting
  • Easy to store on truck solution for safe transport and storage of faulty transformers from site to yard
  • Reduce costs of transport and logistics, large steel containers for transportation, contract crews pumping and draining transformers, as well as the cost to clean up leaks
  • Significantly helps to reduce preventable spills that release unwanted oils into the environment
  • Lift using reinforced lifting loops and secure for transport
  • Can be secured to a pallet using the bag handles
Part # Style Dimensions Closure Capacity
PT-22 Round 0.55mD x 0.65mH 65cm wide duffle & velcro closure 635kgs
PT-30 Round 0.75mD x 0.90mH 90cm wide duffle & velcro closure 862kgs
PT-42 Round 1mD x 1.2mH 120cm wide duffle & velcro closure 1021kgs
PMT-48 Rectangular 1.2mD x 1.2mH x 0.90mW 120cm wide duffle & rope closure 1361kgs
PMT-60 Rectangular 1.52mD x 0.91mH x 1.52mW 150cm wide duffle & rope closure 1814kgs

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