56T Hydraulic Pole Puller, >660mm Diameter Poles, Diversified

56T Hydraulic Pole Puller, >660mm Diameter Poles, Diversified

Code: PP-60-XHD
Brand: Diversified
Product Details
Pole puller, hydraulic, 56T, 660mm max dia pole, cam action head, Diversified

  • Dual Cylinder Pole Puller 
  • 600mm hydraulic cylinder stroke
  • High capacity, hydraulic powered
  • Pulling utility poles up to 700mm diameter
  • Force of 56 Tonne
  • Grips the pole with cam-action heads
  • Cam action head has bevelled teeth to provide a better grip
  • Use with open-centre or closed-centre hydraulic systems
  • Fitted with 7.5m hydraulic hose
  • Features built-in fork pockets, 2 lifting points on the head and high strength alloy chains
  • Increased stability due to larger footprint
  • Increased gripping capability ensures chain does not slip up pole
  • Utilises existing low pressure tool circuit on lifter borer-crane
  • Hydraulics: Required flow rate 5-15 gpm @ 2,250 psi max.


Pull 56 Tonne at 155 bar

Maximum Pole Size

710mm Diameter, 2230mm Circumference


Stroke 600mm, Bore 150mm, Rod 125mm


Chain 2 x 20mm Grade 100


Exterior 1168 x 1168mm, Interior 711 x 711mm


Retracted 1500mm, Extended 2100mm



Lifting Points

2 lifting eyes on the head,
Fork Pockets 830mm x 184mm x 1168mm

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