Polywater Instagrout Ground Barrier Sealant
Polywater Instagrout Ground Barrier Sealant

Code: PMT-3
Brand: Polywater
Product Details
Sealant, ground barrier, instagrout, two part PU mix, 90cm2 applic., Polywater

Polywater® InstaGrout™ Sealant Barrier makes sealing transformer pad openings simple

Polywater® InstaGrout™ helps prevent outages and service disruptions by creating a resilient and impermeable barrier that keeps out moisture and stops rodents, snakes, and insects from burrowing up through earthen gaps into the pad enclosure. InstaGrout's polymer matrix technology is easy to mix on site, and requires no water. Field crews combine the pre-measured components and shake or stir for just 30 seconds. The InstaGrout™ Sealant is then poured into the transformer pad opening. The self-leveling mixture spreads out and expands evenly throughout the pad opening and around conduit stub-ups. The only site preparation required is to plug any gaps or holes inside the opening that could allow product to flow outside the pad opening. InstaGrout™ adheres to fiberglass, polymer concrete, and concrete pads. It tolerates environmental extremes and effectively seals uneven ground. InstaGrout™ will not settle, crack, or cave in like concrete can when performing service work or transformer change-outs.

  • Creates a strong, resilient, lightweight seal
  • Seals uneven ground
  • Tolerates environmental extremes
  • Self levels and flows before expanding
  • Easy to mix and apply, no water required
  • Sturdy, cross-linked structure will not crumble or cave-in
Part # Description
PMT-1 1 Bottle Part A
1 Bottle Part B
1 Pair Gloves
1 Instruction Sheet
This kit will cover 1 square foot (approx.) at a three-inch depth
PMT-3 1 Bottle Part A
1 Bottle Part B
1 Pair Gloves
1 Mixing Pail
1 Mixing Stick
1 Instruction Sheet
This kit will cover 3 square feet (approx.) at a three-inch depth

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