NGK Web Strap Rated Lifting Hoist
NGK Web Strap Rated Lifting Hoist

Code: N-1500P-EX-L
Brand: NGK
Product Details
Hoist, ratchet, web, single 3m 750kg, 200kg lift, double 1.5m 1500kg, 400kg lift, NGK

The Nagaki N1500P-EX-L is a lighweight hoist with a lifting capacity of 400kgs in a double line configuration. Specifically designed for use where line crews need to lift hardware during installation.

The NGK Lifting web strap hoists feature super-strength 40mm wide web straps, insulated fiberglass handles and a special handle neck that will bend if the unit is overloaded to prevent damage to the puller and injury to the operator.

  • Convertible series with 3 hooks
  • Lightweight
  • Insulated handles rotate 360
Pull LengthPull WLLLift WLLHandle LengthWeight
3.5m Single750kg Single750kg Single460mm4.9kg
2.0m Double1500kg Double1500kg Double 

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