25' Telescopic Stick

25' Telescopic Stick

Code: MV-25-K
Brand: Hastings Fiberglass Products
Product Details
Stick, telescopic, triangular, 25', 7.8m/1.63m, operating / measuring, bag, Hastings

Kit Components

This item contains the following components:

  • Open and close switches, EDO’s and service fuses
  • Replaceable sections, no disassembly tools required
  • Fluoro lime green tip section is foam filled
  • Tested to ASTM F7-11 & OSHA
  • Kit with Universal Disconnect Hook # P10431 and Storage Bag
  • Measure elevated heights
  • Supplied in metre/centimetre measuring graduations
  • Eye level reading feature with measurement markings in large, red, easy to read numbers
  • Markings will not chip, peel or rub off

Large, easy to read, red measurement markings

Part # Extended Length Retracted Length Base Diameter Weight
MV-25 7.8m 1.6m 48.5mm 3.7kg
MV-30 9.2m 1.7m 52.6mm 4.6kg
MV-35 10.6m 1.7m 56.4mm 5.5kg
MV-40 12.0m 1.8m 60.5mm 6.5kg

*Replacement Storage Bag TENM301

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