Cable Pulling Lubricant Pump, Drill Operated

Cable Pulling Lubricant Pump, Drill Operated

Code: LP-D5
Brand: Polywater
Product Details
Pump, drill operated for Polywater lubricant, c/w 3m hose, suit 19L bucket

The Lubricant Pump Model LP-D5 is a Drill-operated, self-priming piston-type transfer pump. Three different ratio settings allow the user to hand pump lubricants with a variety of viscosities, from liquids to gels. Most Polywater® lubricants can be pumped directly to the conduit or onto the cable during installation. This models sets directly onto a bucket and comes with a 3m discharge hose, and two hands-free applicators for 40mm to 150mm conduits. All Polywater® lubricants can be pumped directly into the conduit or onto the cable during cable installations at rates exceeding 5.6L per minute.


  • Practical Transfer of Polywater® Lubricants: Eliminate hand scooping, messy pouring, and lengthy clean-ups.
  • Variable Pumping Capability: Three adjustable settings allow easy delivery of lubricants with varying viscosities.
  • Pail Attachment: Attach directly to a 20lt pail. No separate reservoirs or lubricant transfer required.
  • Consistent Lubricant Application: Automates lubricant application with constant lubrication throughout installation.
  • No Power Equipment Required: Electricity, batteries, and compressed air are not needed
  • Easy Maintenance: No assembly required. Cleans up with water.


Pump clean tap water through LP-D5 pump until water discharge is clear and no lubricant is apparent. Let pump containing tap water soak for 15 minutes. Run pump again with clean tap water to remove any remaining lubricant. Repeat the process as necessary. Wipe off pump and lightly spray inside with penetrating oil. Protect from dirt with plastic bag or other cover.
Keep dirt and debris away from pump to avoid damage. Avoid running pump dry to prevent damage.

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