Wire Grip Interchangeable Liners, 6-23mm, Riganti
Wire Grip Interchangeable Liners, 6-23mm, Riganti

Code: IR-3107
Brand: Riganti
Product Details
Grip, wire, interchangable liners, 6-23mm, 180kN breaking load, Riganti


Interchangable Liners = Lower working costs

Riganti’s self-gripping comealongs are available for aluminium, ACSR, steel earthwire, antitwisting rope, copper and OPGW conductors.

Made of high tensile alloy steel, hot forged, heat-treated, precision machined and zinc-plated with a complete range of interchangeable liners. This means working at lower costs on conductors of different materials and diameters only by changing the liners.

The liners are available in aluminium for aluminium or aluminium/steel conductors and bronze for copper conductors, steel anti-twisting rope and steel earthwire.
As for OPGW conductor the lower liner is made of Adiprene, whereas the upper liner is made of aluminium.

All Riganti self-gripping clamps comply with European safety standard CE.

Special clamps with exact diameters available on request with or without liners.


Part No Working
Load Limit
Min. Breaking
& Cu

Steel Rope
Min.  Max.  Min.  Max.  Min.  Max. 
IR-3109 19.6kN 49kN NO 2.5 15 2.5 15 2.5 15 1.5kg
IR-3111* 21.2kN 64kN YES 7 16 7 13 7 13 2.5kg
IR-3108* 39.5kN 98kN YES Lifting suspension conductors 7 - 38mm 5.5kg
IR-3106 50kN 125kN NO 7.5 18 7.5 18 7.5 13 7.0kg
IR-3107* 49kN 180kN YES 6 23 6 16 6 16 7.0kg
IR-3112* 49kN 150kN YES OPGW 6 - 23mm 7.0kg
IR-3105-S* 88kN 275kN YES 8 35.2 8 22 8 24 13.5kg
IR-3104-S* 117kN 310kN YES 10 45 10 34 8 28 17.0kg
IR-3103-RAPTOR 140kN 420kN NO 45 57 34 57 34 57 26kg

* Exact size required for manufacture of liners

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